Acrylic Paintings: The Candy Series

Imagination is what drives the evolution in a person’s mind. Imagination leads to creativity, which leads to innovation.

As we grow up, our imagination changes. It evolves as we grow older and mature.

The most powerful tool for our imagination is art, it brings us together with people all over the world and across time periods that we would otherwise never be able to connect with, exposing us to new perspectives.

Candy 1

This abstract painting is a solid colour piece with a very different painting technique in which the artist used a credit card to get this amazing look. When you look at it, you see the artist’s touch. The artist is telling us that even though he has done this painting, there is still room for interpretation and curiosity. 

Colours are everywhere. These days it’s easier than ever to find the perfect colour palette for your room because there are so many choices for you to choose from. Whether you’re choosing a light, pastel hue or a bold, dark tone, colours will never let you down.

Candy Baby

This series of acrylic paintings are actually inspired by the artist’s love of candy. These are some of Haydn’s favorite memories from childhood, which are now immortalised in his distinctive work.

This artwork is perfect for a child’s bedroom. It features a rainbow of colours and will bring joy to any child who sees it. It allows their imagination to explode with possibilities, and give them hours of joy just by looking at the bright colours

The piece is painted with bright, bold colours. It would make for an excellent addition to any home but would be perfect in a child’s room.

If you’re not sure exactly what this technique involves, don’t worry, we just get to enjoy the finished piece. The artist uses a credit card to scrape the paint into the most eye-catching acrylic painting, simply a joy to look at. 

Candy 2

The final piece in the eye-catching collection, look closely and see the slight difference between each painting, the way the strokes are thicker in places using lighter colours. This is an effect created by our artist to show that there is no such thing as two of the same paintings. Each piece of acrylic art is done with love and care.

The artist uses the latest painting technology to paint each acrylic art piece while giving them an individual touch. He typically paints in a variety of styles, but he always uses his own signature style.

At Porter Paintings you will be awed by the variety of paintings in various sizes and painting techniques, his artist vision is ahead in time, bringing awe inspiring colours to his work.

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