Haydn Porter is an international artist. His work features in beautiful studios and hangs on the walls of corporate offices. 

Haydn is known as the ‘icebreaker’. With his ability to utilise all artistic mediums, he creates canvas wall art that makes room for great conversation. When you look at one of his paintings, your imagination can run wild. 

His art reflects the true beauty of the world. The insight gained from just one of his wall art paintings can bring a lifetime of knowledge. 

Haydn believes that art means more than just colours on a canvas, saying that “Foremost art is about life. You live it, you breathe it, and it’s everywhere.”

Haydn inspires people and businesses globally with his artwork. If you have a Porter painting on your wall, you are 1 lucky person. 

If you want to be 1 of those lucky people, look at his available prints to buy online, as well as his original canvases for sale. 


Haydn Porter is an Australian born artist. He studied at the Melbourne School of Art, in Melbourne, Victoria. Porter is celebrated for his versatility, taking inspiration from many Australian artists’ famous styles, as well as from masters across the globe. 

Since the late 1980’s, Porter has immersed himself in the mastery of painting, drawing, pen and ink, sculpture and installation techniques. 

To Haydn, artwork is about more than technique. Porter believes that art is an expression of life and the inner self, and it’s a way to tap into the subconscious. 

While Porter enjoys all forms of artwork, painting will always be his first love.

He specialises in creating amazing, thought evoking paintings. Whether he’s using oils, or acrylic painting on canvas, his talent and experience create an authentic and magnificent piece of art. 

He believes that inspiration lies all around us, in the sensory experiences we encounter every day. Like many great Australian artists and painters, he takes inspiration from the natural landscape, creating a wide range of pieces based on this. 

His series of tree paintings, ‘Blue Trees’ is one of the prime examples of the way he effortlessly uses his surroundings to create striking canvas paintings.

So if you’re looking for large wall art that is sure to improve the decor of any space, make sure to pick up one of this Sunshine Coast artist’s beautiful pieces. 

If you’re interested in looking at the prints for sale, check out his online shop.


For Haydn Porter exhibitions are a way to explore the exciting relationship between life, art and living in the now. Porter is a yearly contender in both the Archibald Prize and the Moran Art Prize competitions for Australian artwork. 

To the Australian artist, exhibitions are about capturing a moment in time. 

“I’m an artist that thinks above and beyond. I paint from the heart, manifesting ideas that come along right at that exact moment. My artwork can take months or years to create and only when it’s aligned with what I’ve set out to achieve will it be ready to be shown to the world. I am an artist creating artwork that stirs the imagination. My artworks all have a direct purpose.” 

Haydn Porter explores the inner workings of the mind in his artwork with shapes and colours to impact every viewer in a unique way. 

Galleries have shown his artwork Australia wide.

If you’re looking to support local artists, you can find his paintings for sale Australia wide, on his website.

Haydn Porter explores the inner workings of the mind in his artwork with shapes and colours to impact every viewer in a unique way. Galleries have shown his artwork Australia wide.


“War Notes”.
  “The Birth of DNA” plus additional artworks.
The “United Stated of America” series.
The “Sleepwalker Series”.
Plus other major ongoing works and installations.


2016 – Archibald Prize contestant.
2016 – Moran Art Prize contestant.
2017 – Archibald Prize contestant.
2017 – Moran Art Prize contestant.

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