Brush To Canvas But What To Paint?

If you’re an artist, then you understand the struggle of being creative when it feels like creativity is on strike. Art block: The bane of every artist’s existence!

Artists are known for their difficult moments where they struggle to come up with new ideas. The ancient Greeks relied on the muses when they needed a few cool ideas to get them started on their next great masterpiece.

Another possible way to move ahead is they can take a break from painting and go to an art museum, go on vacation, read books, or even get inspired by nature. Sometimes they just need some more space and solitude. 

One of the main questions artists have is what to paint? This answer is not as easy as it sounds. It all depends on the person’s imagination and interests.

Painting is one of the many creative arts out there. It is not only a popular pastime but it can also be used to express oneself and reach new heights in creativity. When people are unsure of what they want to paint, a little research could go a long way.

Source Unique Imagery

When starting an artwork of any type, it is important to know exactly where you want to be. This is true for any piece of art, regardless of genre or experience level.

If we take a look at Porter Paintings you will see the amazing collections the artist has painted, above is part of the Trees collection Blue Trees Blue the artist’s paintings take you on a journey and allow you to gaze into the depth of his vision.

To paint a picture is to be able to turn your mind into the space. It’s not just about being able to make a quick sketch or being able to recreate something from memory. It’s about being able to take anything and create something that feels new, even if you’re drawing from life.

Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Artists often use the works of others as inspiration for their next creative masterpiece, but you can take away key elements from such works, and then combine them on your own.

At school or at work, students should never copy another’s artwork. But taking ideas and curating them into life-like pieces is encouraged. It’s one of the ways to learn how to become a better artist.

Your life experiences

Artists create art with feelings that are unlike anyone else’s. Some people may be able to capture their feelings, but many artists do it in a different way. This byproduct of their work resonates with so many people because they’re able to share their own experiences in such an authentic way.

If someone were to ask you how you feel, it would be impossible for them to know your feelings because feelings are unique and different for every person. So give your emotions some definition by showing them in an abstract/realistic/surreal style.

The world around you

Sometimes inspiration is all around you. Take a moment to observe your surroundings, scan for details, and see what inspires you! Maybe it’s the colour of the wildflowers blooming in a nearby field. Or maybe it’s the intricate carving on an urn.

As your thoughts begin to run wild, take inspiration from the things you love. One thing you may want to try is giving your mind some time away from the computer and forgetting about all the work you have to do. Just feel your imagination roam freely without any restrictions.

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