Choosing The Perfect Art Prints For Your Space

An art print has the ability to capture attention, invigorate the senses and ultimately complete the aesthetic in your home. It may seem like there’s endless choice when it comes to choosing art for your home. It is important to search for pieces of art that you genuinely love and would be happy to display in your space.  Here are some tips for choosing the perfect art prints for your space.

Select Art Prints That You Love

This is the number one piece of advice that I could give to someone who is wanting to complete their home with some statement wall art. If art doesn’t ignite feelings of excitement, enjoyment or relaxation, don’t include it within the decor of your home. It is your space, you have the ability to design it to suit your taste. 

It is common for a family to make compromises when selecting art, but these compromises can still be made whilst sticking to your own personal style. After all you live in your home so you should be able to enjoy the decor, within your space, from your art prints to your pieces of furniture.

The Size Of Your Space

When selecting art prints it is important to take into account the size of your space. For example most bathrooms would be unable to accommodate for an oversized piece whilst living rooms are generally not decorated with mini art prints. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Art pieces by the same artist work well together
  • A small piece generally can’t fill a big space
  • The height of your room and making sure a piece fills your space in length and width

Choosing The Right Colour

There are two major approaches when it comes to choosing your art prints by colour. The first being incorporating art that matches the colours already present in a room. A consistent theme portrays cohesiveness, sophistication and complements other elements of the room. This style may include:

  • A background colour that matches your wall colour
  • Utilising a colour wheel to find complementary colours
  • Different shades of the same colour
  • If in doubt black and whites are a classic choice
  • Using mirrors to reflect art and give the appearance of large walls

The second option is selecting art prints that incorporate bolder shades with the same colour scheme. Remember colour palettes are not restrictive but instead creates a baseline for sharing your personal style. This style may include:

  • Bright pieces that stand out
  • Pieces from the same artist that are different colours but boast the same style of painting
  • Experimenting with texture within the art, furniture and decor of your space
  • Introduce a new colour multiple times throughout the space to repeat colour and increase the impact

Choose An Art Print To Complement A Statement Piece 

The statement piece within a room may be a sofa, a special family heirloom or even a trinket that holds meaning. These pieces have the potential to inspire the design of an entire room. Once you discover your statement piece, here are some elements to consider when choosing your art prints:

Art Prints Make Your House A Home

The art that you select for your home should be aesthetically pleasing and suit your sense of style. Art prints should offer an inviting feel, whilst sharing your personality and defining your space. 
If you have any further questions about choosing the perfect art prints for your space feel free to connect with Porter from Porter Paintings. With a long standing history within the art industry, Porter is highly regarded for his high quality, statement art prints. Browse the range of art prints created by Porter here.

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