Creative Inspirations By Porter Paintings

Haydn Porter’s work is closely examined, and we are looking at the inspiration behind 6 of his most famous paintings, and why his personal touch has made him a favourite worldwide.

Blue Trees Black (Gold stripe edition)

This stunning piece of art is part of the Trees Collection, imagine waking up each morning to this piece of glory, it would be your daily dose of inspiration.

The Trees Collection is an art that will inspire you to be a better person. It is designed to be a pillar of positive energy, reminding each onlooker of the importance of caring for the earth and all of its inhabitants. In your everyday life, you are surrounded by trees. 

In return, it is important to care for them and to look after them. We hope that this piece of art will serve as a reminder of the need to do just that.

Symbolically, trees often represent life, wisdom and prosperity. In mythology, legends, sagas and novels can take on a deeper meaning.

In ancient times it was said that a person’s soul can not find peace until they are reunited with their dead body’s tree. “Tree of Life” is used as a metaphor for life.

The Tree of Life represents a common metaphor, often seen in mythical texts and images throughout history. It typically has a trunk that reaches out into two or three larger branches with smaller ones branching off them.

I like trying to capture the vastness of a forest in my work, says Haydn Porter. There is so much beauty in nature that it’s tiring for me to limit myself only to trees.

The Endless Line 3 is part of the Endless Line series of artworks.

The lines you draw in geometry keep you guessing and the symbols that represent our routines, like walking past a stop sign, can change your life. This would make a great office or home decoration where it can serve as a conversation piece. I think this colourful painting will brighten up your space and help you stay curious.

A motivational piece of art have you asking yourself, where does it start and where does it finish. 

The meaning of the art piece is open to interpretation. In this painting, you are allowed to create your own story,  I’m guessing we all looking for the same thing, “Where Does It Start & Where Does It End”?


Looking at this piece of art, you feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of these buildings. 

The design, the materials and the form make us realise that this is a city built for giants. 

Looking closely at this inspirational work of art, you could almost feel the wind of the traffic whirling past you as you gaze upwards, the colour is in your mind’s eye, and the city’s lights are blurred in a haze, giving the feeling of space and peace.

City Life – Life Ball Collection

Haydn spent a lot of time exploring city life and its various aspects of it. He used his imagination to create a painting called “City Life” He enlarged the original city scene from when he was 17 and embellished it with some pen & ink and blue oil paints. 

The Life Ball is a metaphor for human life and the ups and downs you might experience in your lifetime, it also adds depth to this painting.

When you see this beautiful piece of art, you can really feel the energy and passion of the artist.

Candy Baby is the newest addition to the candy series and takes inspiration from the artist’s newborn baby.

You might find yourself wondering how many vibrant colours are shown in this inspirational piece, well the answer is too many to count.

When you look at this piece of art ablaze with colour, you can feel the happiness, and it’s apparent to any viewer. The artist has a great understanding of the human experience of emotions and joy.

The Indian headress is a true masterpiece of our culture, symbolising peace and prosperity. It has been with us since days of old and is important to the preservation of our traditions. The headdress is made up of feathers, beads and animal hides.

When you look closely at this spell bounding piece of art, you cannot help but feel at peace, a true talking piece for any environment with all its bright colours, a real personality on its own.

This piece is hand-painted to the highest level of detail for the most luxurious finish.

When you look at the above pieces of art, you can understand why Haydn Porter, Porter Paintings, is one of the most inspiring and creative artists worldwide.

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