Enhancing Your Living Areas With Original Pieces Of Art

Many individuals love to include artwork in their home decor, as it adds personality and helps to create their homely vision. After all bare, empty walls tend to get boring pretty quickly. An original piece of art by an Australian Artist such as Haydn Porter can help to truly finish the look you are going for in your living areas. 

A visual piece has the potential to spark feeling, add instant colour and excite the senses. Here is how you can enhance your living areas with original pieces of art personally hand painted by Porter himself. 

Set The Tone Of Your Space

To select the perfect piece of artwork for your living room it is important to consider what vibe you are striving for. From a casual and understated theme to a more formal and sophisticated statement piece. The choice is truly all yours to make. Light and bright colours tend to give off a casual feel, especially when painted on an unframed canvas, just like our Candy wall art series.

On the contrary a framed piece containing definitive lines and structure, generally including darker colours, creates a formal tone. The colour palette of a piece has the potential to set the room feel. 

Artwork Style

We understand how personal it is to choose pieces of art that are visually interesting to you. This type of interior design is the focal point of your home and should appeal to you. Once you find an art arrangement that stands out to you it can be a good idea to view it multiple times to make sure it is the right piece for your wall space. Discover Porter’s various different styles here.

Artwork To Room Ratio

Small spaces completed with one large piece of art can generally make the room feel bigger, whilst multiple smaller pieces can make it seem cluttered. You can also use a statement furniture piece as a guide to the size painting you should choose. Similar sized furniture and art have the ability to frame each other for an enhanced living space.

Multiple Pieces

Just like the gallery wall in an art gallery you always have the choice of selecting multiple art pieces for your living space. If this is the route you want to take you may want to select a primary statement piece and a secondary piece that complements it. Porter offers pieces that complement each other perfectly and if you would like any assistance making your decision he is always happy to assist you in your art journey.

Colour Palette

The whole look of a room can be influenced by the colour palette in a piece of art. If you want to make the most of a certain colour within your chosen piece, all of the elements surrounding it have to support it. For example if the artwork portrays warm colours, make sure the pieces surrounding it are cool colours. This will make the art piece containing the warm colours stand out more against the cool colours.

Selecting art for your living space should be a fun and enlightening experience. Some things to take into consideration when selecting the perfect pieces of art include; the tone of your space, preferred artwork style, the size of the space and colour palette. All of these elements will contribute to the enhancement of your living space.
Haydn Porter is an Australian Painter who is well known in the Australian art scene for his original pieces. He has a substantial amount of experience within the art industry and can use his skills to help you choose the optimum pieces for you. Browse his collection here and enhance your living areas with original pieces of art.

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