Everything You Need to Know About Blue Trees Blue Painting

Haydn Porter quotes, “Art is about Life, you Live it. You Breathe It, It’s everywhere”

This larger than life Blue Trees Blue Painting is inspired by the nature around us.

Blue Trees are the best trees to be around because they release happy hormones, says Haydn. The chemical reaction that occurs when you come in contact with blue light triggers the production of serotonin. This is why blue is often associated with happiness and relaxation. 

On a bright winter day, when the leaves have fallen off the trees, there is a sense of clarity looking at the trees around us. They are stripped of their leaves, and they stand naked in all their barked glory. Artist Haydn Porter captures this essence in his work, which is on display at https://porterpaintings.com/

Haydn Porter is a self-taught artist based in Australia. He has a great love and fascination for trees, and his art aims to communicate the peace they bring.

Blue trees are a rare and beautiful type of tree that can provide shade and richness to the environment. Unlike other types of trees, blue trees don’t need leaves to support themselves. As a result, they’re often considered a status symbol among the rich and famous for their rarity.


Haydn’s love for trees has been something he has shown since he was just a child. He would climb high into any he could find with wide eyes and an eager heart, taking in the forest as if it was his sanctuary. Although, over time, Haydn has developed a deep respect for the life that these magnificent beings provide, even when they are no longer here, his collection of paintings is like spreading the message, to have a blue lease on life. This is not just an artist painting a dead tree, and this is the beginning of life.

When I look at this painting, I see the different perspectives people might have about it. Most artists probably enjoy knowing what someone is going to see when they look at their work. It can be inspirational and allow the artist freedom to go on and paint more along the same lines. This is what Haydn Porter has done with the Blue Trees Blue Painting, and it inspired him to move on and create a collection.

Blue Trees Yellow

Looking closely at this bright painting, you will see that the centre tree is, in fact, Blue. Inspired by the summer, the artist has shown how these trees will be coming back to life.

We all see different things in this painting, for me, a visual reminder of trees coming back to life after a cold, dull winter, bathing in the glory of sunlight. I think the message is evident in these spectacular works of art. What you see before you is, in fact, a story of the beginning of life in nature.For more of this collection visit Porter Paintings.

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