Great Artists Around The World

What is a great artist?

A great artist is someone who has a deep understanding of the world and society and who can express this through their art. They are able to see the beauty in everything around them and have an unending desire to create. 

A great artist also has a strong understanding of what they want to say with their art and how they want it to be received.

How do you recognise a great artist?

There are many ways that you can recognise a great artist. One way is by looking at the work that they produce. If they are creating something that resonates with you, then this might be because it reflects your own thoughts or feelings about society or life in general. 

Another way is by listening to what the artists say about their work.

Some Of The Most Famous Artists Of All Time & their Famous Works Of Art:

Andy Warhol

After beginning his career as a commercial artist, he began to apply the same principles of advertising in fine art. In fact, he said, “making money is art”.

Abstract Expressionism is concerned with the abstract qualities of an object, often ignoring its physical properties. His contributions to advertising are a far cry from this and are much more grounded in reality. Although he’s largely known for work such as Campbell’s Soup or Marilyn Monroe, his greatest invention was himself, and in pop art. 

Pablo Picasso

The art world would definitely be different today if it weren’t for Pablo Picasso. Besides giving us modern art, he also embodies the popular idea of the artist as a genius who can balance his dreams and goals by living life to the fullest.

He had a significant impact on the world of art, both through his craft and through sparking major innovations. His work turned the field of art history and led to Cubism, which destroyed the “stranglehold” over art by representational material and set a benchmark for 20th-century artists.

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh may not be the most stable person, he also ended up cutting off his ear,  but he is still considered one of the best artists in history.

Van Gogh’s use of thick brushstrokes is what inspired so many other artists.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Even though he’s best known for the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci was a genius in many other fields too. He had the potential to be equally successful in any field.

Leonardo Da Vinci was known for painting The Last Supper and for his aptitude for designing technologies. He created both the glider that could stay airborne for over a hundred miles, as well as an armoured vehicle with tracks instead of wheels.


Michelangelo was a true renaissance man, as he was not only a famed painter but also a skilled sculptor and architect.

He was also a talented poet in addition to being a highly-skilled painter. He created the design for the Laurentian Library at San Lorenzo’s Church and he even sketched plans for St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel ceiling among other monumental works of art.

Henry Matisse

French painter Henri Matisse is famously attached to colour and it shows. His works are full of rich colours which help him convey his message of life, hope and love. He also used unique brushstrokes to make his paintings more vibrant and captivating.

His paintings are all about these amazing, distorted curves. The optical journey that is the focal point of a lot of his art is the beguiling satisfaction of colour & tone.

Jackson Pollock

Pollock overcame a huge number of setbacks and difficulties to produce a short but intense period of work in the late 1940s. He experimented with new styles, including drip painting (which would later be developed even further by other artists).

To avoid using an easel to display his paintings, he used house paint from the can, throwing and dropping lines of pigment that left behind a solid record of his movements.

Edvard Munch

Professional & amateur art analysts alike have evaluated the painting “The Scream” to be a masterful depiction of modern anxiety. In 2012, a pastel variant of Edvard Munch’s icon was auctioned off for $120 million dollars. The artist’s career life is more than just this one painting though.

Haydn Englander-Porter

I highly recommend this work of art for its thought-provoking quality, and to teach you a bit about your own views of life.

It is always challenging to find meaning in life. However, with this painting, any interpretation will be thought-provoking. and meaningful. 

The Great Artists Round The World book features the work of some of the world’s most famous artists. 

The book includes the paintings, sculptures and prints of renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse. 

This book is a compilation of works by some of the world’s greatest artists. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about art history or just enjoy looking at beautiful images.

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