Haydn Porter, World Class Artist

Haydn Porter is an Australian-born artist. He studied at the Melbourne School of Art, in Melbourne, Victoria. 

He is celebrated for his versatility, taking inspiration from many Australian artists’ famous styles, as well as from masters across the globe.

Haydn Porter spent a year creating War Notes, a painting he said is a way to pay tribute to service men and women, who fought and gave their lives for their country.

“I wanted to do a piece on all Australian Defence Force personnel past and present because they’re not just one person, but are many people striving day by day to make this country better,” he said.

Haydn used over 300 tubes of paint to create this amazing work of art.

There are some impressive modern pieces like War Notes, so it’s understandable why this painting makes you feel such positivity.

Haydn Porter said he incorporated six Iraqi dinar bank notes under the top paint layer.

“The bank notes are almost like a doorway that looks into the future,” he said.

Haydn immersed himself in mastering various techniques related to painting and drawing. He has dedicated his life to this pursuit and is always looking for new ways to improve his skills.

His philosophy is that art is more than just the look of something, it’s also about what’s inside and who you are as a human. Painting is one of Haydn’s favourite forms of art and it will always hold a special place in his heart.

He has mastered all types of painting, from oils to acrylics on canvas and can create inspirational jaw-dropping pieces of art. You will be astounded by the authenticity and magnificence of his artwork.

He believes that inspiration is all around us, in the sensory experiences we encounter every day. Similar to many other great Australian artists and painters, these experiences are what inspire him. This is reflected in a large variety of pieces of work he has created.

His series of tree paintings, ‘Blue Trees‘, is one of the prime examples of his talent for transforming the most mundane objects into picturesque canvases.

If you’re in the market for large wall art to spruce up your home, be sure to consider some of this Sunshine Coast artist’s beautiful pieces.

Haydn Porter’s exhibitions are special because they explore the exciting relationship between life, art & living in the now. He has won both the Archibald Prize and Moran Art Prize annual competitions for Australian artwork.

It is not just about having your work on display but having the opportunity to have people see and appreciate it.

I take a lot of time to create my art, sometimes up to years. As an artist, I try to share works that stir people’s imaginations and make them rethink their surroundings. All my pieces have a specific meaning.

Haydn Porter’s artwork makes the concept of our inner workings understandable using shapes and colours in a unique way that impacts viewers in a personal way.

Galleries have shown his artwork worldwide.

Haydn Porter’s artwork is famous for exploring the human mind. He creates shapes, colours, and textures that make it feel like you’re peering into someone’s private thoughts. 

It is hard to compare the work of two artists. For example, if you compare an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock to a still life drawing by Pablo Picasso, they are very different in many ways. Haydn’s work can be seen on the Art Market website and through Porter Paintings, the individual pieces in his collection have a varying degrees of differences, and he has the ability to bring his art to life through colour.

Haydn quotes,  ‘foremost art is about life. It’s everywhere, and you live it, you breathe it and it surrounds everything you do.

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