How Art Changes Your Mood

Studies have shown that artwork in the home and workplace has the ability to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve mood, and evoke emotions, which could be positive emotions or negative emotions.

Emotional experience in the art can also be a form of art therapy for people. It can help them get through tough times and is a way for people to express and feel good about themselves.

Some studies show that people who surround themselves with art with lots of blue are calmer and more focused than those who surround themselves with art that has reds and oranges in it.

The study was conducted by Dr John Eastwood, a psychologist in the UK. He and his team analyzed data from over 2000 people who had participated in the UK’s National Child Development Study and found that those with more blue colours in their rooms exhibited higher levels of “emotional resilience.” The results demonstrate that there is an association between calmness and blues, but also reds and oranges.

Art is powerful and influential. The beauty of it can make you feel better about the world, or inspire you to do something more with your life. Visual art is a form of expression that can be seen anywhere in the world.

The colour of artwork can depend on a variety of factors. The most common reason for different colours in art is to convey a specific mood or theme. For example, reds are often used to create strong, intense emotions such as passion or anger. Blues are often used for serenity and tranquillity, which is why many people choose to have tranquil ocean views in their homes.

These examples illustrate how people react differently to cool and warm colours:

  • The blueness of the undertones in the paint should appeal to most people. Some people may find it too calming and want to add a little bit of red, green or yellow to make their art seem more lively.
  • Blues can lower your heart rate, reduce the amount of food you eat, help relieve anxiety and provide other positive effects.
  • Blue means dependability.
  • Studies have shown that red, orange and yellow colours stimulate hunger.
  • Red is an attention-grabbing colour. It has been proven to make people excited and others more alert. The colour stimulates the heart rate, increasing blood circulation in the body and might have a slight stimulating effect on its own.

Haydn Porter is a worldwide leader in inspirational art, he creates art from the beauty that surrounds him daily, he quotes “Art is about life, You live it, it’s everywhere”.

Porter Paintings gives you a glimpse into the mind of the artist, the maze of colours used in his artwork, allows you to imagine that you are there in the painting, looking at the abundance of trees, or gazing out of the window in his portrayal of city life, part of the ball collection. Haydn inspires you to look into your imagination and see what is possible.

The relationship between art and emotion is a complicated one. Art is often seen as a means of transferring the artist’s feelings to another person, but there are different types of emotions that can be conveyed through art. The analogy of love and hate is a good example of this. 

Another way to appreciate nature at its best is to go for a walk with your dog and really take in the nature around you. In summer, it looks especially beautiful with the leaves on the trees and the flowers blooming everywhere. Walking your dog is a great way to get some exercise and clear your mind.

Haydn’s artwork inspires people and businesses all over the world. Many people buy his paintings to adorn their homes and offices, you will find Porter Paintings in galleries all around the world.

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