How Different Colours In Offices Evoke Different Feelings In Employees

It is a known fact that people tend to associate colours with different emotions. A highly skilled Artist has the ability to implement colour, in a piece of art, to influence people’s emotions and behaviour.

Colour has the greatest impact on how people perceive art, yet many business owners do not take this into consideration when choosing it for their offices. Spending time researching and introducing a colour palette that has a positive influence on an office space can vastly enhance employees work ethic. 

There is nothing worse than a colour scheme in art that doesn’t resonate positively with its subjects. These are some of the ways different colours in offices evoke different feelings in employees.

Effect Colour Has On Feelings

Research shows that colours can influence emotions and evoke feelings. Colour psychology is used in artwork, when colours are paired together to achieve positive outcomes. Modern businesses are focusing on workplace design and are using colour strategically to influence certain behaviours.

Here are some of the ways that different colours can affect employees and make a positive difference within work environments

Red: Attention Grabbing

The colour red is a stimulating colour that has the potential to excite the brain. It is the perfect colour for drawing on attention to details. Red can be both positive and negative due to it also being linked to lower productivity. Various shades can represent different feelings. For example pink is seen as fun and playful whilst a deeper red is seen as serious.

Blue: Boosts Productivity And Calming

The colour blue is a calming colour that stimulates the mind in a positive way. It is well known that cool colours such as blues and greens improve productivity more than the colour white. Therefore if you want to promote focus in your office design a blue painting would be the optimum option. 

Yellow: Team Building And Collaboration

Yellow is vibrant no matter what shade it is and has the ability to improve creativity as well as memory. This optimum use for yellow is when you are striving for an interior design that is specifically for collaborative and creative work. 

Green: Relaxed And Comfortable In The Office

Green is another calming colour that is frequently associated with nature and outdoor environments. The best use of green within the workplace is in the reception area or break areas where relaxation is key. People are so used to seeing different shades of green within nature that it doesn’t distract them or cause eye strain.

Purple: Confidence 

Purple helps to boost confidence and throughout history has been held to the highest standard including royalty. If your work environment is sales based you may want to consider having the colour purple within the artwork that you select for your office space.

Orange: Increase Productivity

Orange is the optimum colour to boost productivity within the office. It raises activity levels as well as enthusiasm and endurance, which all improve productivity. Orange evokes the strongest reaction compared to other colours. Having orange present in office artwork has the potential to create a more productive work environment.

It is apparent that colour has a large impact on the work ethic of employees within an office space, as it has the potential to evoke different feelings. When choosing artwork it is important to select colours that align with your workplace activities and practices. If you would like any further advice about the optimum colour palette to choose for your art pieces contact Porter Paintings who will be happy to assist you. Porter Paintings is highly experienced within the art industry and has the knowledge and skills to improve the productivity within your office space.

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