How To Choose Art For Offices And Businesses?

A piece of artwork can completely transform the design of a room. From increased productivity to simulating creative juices, office wall art can greatly benefit your business. Therefore choosing the perfect pieces of art that will compliment your office décor is essential. 

In recent years we have seen a rise in comfortable living, office environments. Turning traditional office spaces into modern havens for employees. Following the transformation in aesthetically pleasing working environments, many employers are opting to include contemporary art as part of their interior design. 

There is no better way to stimulate creative senses than to display art in the workplace. Having the right kind of artwork within a work space has been linked to increased brainstorming, stimulating discussions and problem solving. Hence why it is a good idea to select art pieces that will provide benefit to both your employees and your business.

If you are ready to make improvements to your office design here is some inspiration for buying art for your company.

Tell Your Story

Not only is it important to tell your story to your customers but it is also key to share it within your office space. The art world is always ready to assist you with sharing your business values and story. Every piece of art tells a fascinating story just like every brand has a valuable story to share.  

Selecting customised or even abstract art for your corporate office can be a creative way to represent the history and development of your business. Whether you are looking for a piece to hang in your waiting room to share with clients or for employees to enjoy within the office we have a piece to suit all environments. We can also provide personal suggestions depending on your requirements and specific needs.

Bright And Beautiful

Colour has the potential to have a large impact on people’s mood. This is no different when it comes to artwork. After all there is nothing more depressing than blocks of dark colours without a single pop of brightness. In comparison bold and bright colours evoke positivity, improve focus and can improve brain function.

Many of our clients opt for bright and bold pieces to exhibit in their waiting rooms to improve the mood of their potential customers. Not only do bold pieces encourage positivity but they are also a unique conversation starter.

Encouraging Creativity

Office spaces are getting larger due to the collaborative nature and modern design. Group brainstorming and informal meetings are becoming much more popular amongst businesses. There is no better way to inspire thought than to display abstract art in your collaboration spaces.

Abstract art provokes thought and critical thinking. As well as being completely unique it evokes emotion and differing opinions or views. Therefore if you have a work space that offers collaborative spaces abstract art work is the optimum choice for your business.

A Relaxing Environment

It is important to focus on all areas of your office space. Productivity doesn’t end at an employees desk. A place to relax and enjoy a break is essential for every workplace. These sorts of spaces play a vital role in productivity, employee engagement and even mood. 

Relaxing areas should also offer pieces of art that reflect the values of your team. Graphic art is popular for these spaces, as they incorporate energy and vibrance. This sort of art helps to re-energise employees  during their work day. 

Make It Your Own

Every business has a unique logo, quote or tag line that they use to advertise their company. Any or all of these elements can be represented within a piece of art. You may have a unique symbol that you’ve made your own over the lifetime of your business.

You have the opportunity to commission art pieces that have been created specifically with your individual business in mind. Plenty of large businesses have already taken it upon themselves to do so. Contact our friendly team at Porter Paintings to make your design a reality.

Keeping up with office space and business trends can be a piece of work. There is one thing that is certain, art is a trend that is here to stay. When it comes to selecting art for your business it is important to think about your needs and requirements. 

There is an optimum piece of art for all types of working environments. From affordable art to premium pieces, there is something for every business in our range. Enquire today to find out which pieces are ideal for your company. 

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