How To Display Your Art To The Best Advantage

A home should be a place that inspires & stimulates, not a space full of bare walls & dreary interiors. One great way to transform your space and express your style is to display artwork!

For centuries, humans have made art as a way to better their mental health and decorate their homes.

More recently, we’ve learned more about the science behind why art makes us feel that way too. Studies show that looking at art can help with depression and anxiety while it’s being viewed

If you own art at home, it can be a great investment. Carefully curated collections can serve as a safe space for discussing topics that have or continue to affect us.

Art evokes both the introverted and extroverted parts of our brains. While enjoying art, we will to some degree process our thoughts inwardly, but also have the urge to share those thoughts with others and spark new conversations about the piece.

Many studies have shown that children who often engage in creative pursuits are better at dealing with personal problems and handling stress better. Art can also help spark new ideas and inspire your work.

Some spaces are designed with this in mind, like a corporate or home office space. Others, like the living room, are full of interesting, artistic pieces and need to allow for that exploration.

Exploring art and looking at it from different perspectives helps improve critical thinking skills, which makes you more reasonable, clear-headed and able to comprehend.

The art you display in your home or workplace should be a reflection of your personality. You can use the space to show off your favourite artwork or display only those items that are meaningful to you.

It is important to select pieces that work well with the size and shape of the room. If you have a large room, it is better to hang paintings on all four walls instead of grouping them in one corner. If you have a small room, it is better to hang paintings on two walls and leave the other two for bookshelves or plants.

You should also position artwork near windows, doors or other traffic areas so that people can enjoy them as they move through the space.

  • If you want to create a focal point for the room, then place your artwork in front of a window or in front of a fireplace. Arrange them in an asymmetrical manner and place your furniture around it. 
  • If you want to create an airy and open feeling for your space, then hang some paintings from the ceiling to give it height and depth.

Use a little creativity and imagination to breathe new life into your space by incorporating modern art on your walls. This can be done in many different ways, such as hanging paintings from the ceiling. Painting your ceilings white or another light colour will help the artwork stand out even more. 

Artwork is an important part of any room. It can affect the mood and atmosphere of the space, provide a focal point, or simply be something to look at while you’re waiting for your coffee. 

Here are 6 tips for hanging wall art:

  1. Ensure your art fits your space.
  2. A gallery wall is great for smaller artwork, but not a good look for a large piece.
  3. Make sure if you are hanging more than one painting, that you hang in a straight line.
  4. Always hang art at eye level.
  5. Consider the background colour on your wall.
  6. Remember less is more, you don’t want to hang everything on one wall.

The most compelling reason to hang art in your home is that it’s been scientifically proven to make us happier. Studies have found that viewing art can trigger the production of dopamine, which is the same hormone that activates when you’re doing really fun things.

If you’re looking for art, try checking out the galleries and markets in your area. It’s a good way to see what’s in stores and might meet the artist themselves or even watch their creative process. Buying local art will also help support the art community.

There’s a handy rule when it comes to hanging your art. The 57-inch rule is simple and always makes sure your print is in the right place at the right height.

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