How To Lift A Dull Room Into A Modern Room With Art

Adding art to a room is a great way to make your space feel more inviting and modern. You can add artwork that matches your personal style or needs, or you can make a statement with an eclectic mix of pieces.

​​Haydn Porter is one of the most influential contemporary artists in Australia. His work includes paintings and drawings that exhibit the beauty of simplicity. In this painting, The Power of The Golden Line, the colours draw attention to the different thicknesses of lines and bring new life to this room.

Artwork for a room can come in many different forms, from paintings on canvas to prints on paper.  When choosing art for your home, it’s important to think about what you hope to achieve with the piece. 

For example, if you live in a small apartment and need something that will make the space seem larger, then consider choosing an abstract painting or print that doesn’t take up too much wall space. If you have a large living room and are looking for something calming and soothing, then choose an oil painting or watercolour print of nature scenes.

Blue Trees Yellow

This original painting gives a fine example of the vibrant seasons and colour combinations, from a moment of time in the middle of winter. 

Looking at this piece invokes positive feelings inside us and it brings a room to life with its mix of cool colours and inspiring scenes, it opens space in your room. The painting by Haydn Porter is currently on view on the Porter Painting website.

There are many ways to make a room with an uninspiring interior, or poor natural light feel like it has been given a fresh new look. One way to do this is by introducing an accent wall. An accent wall can be used in virtually any room and is the perfect way to add some visual interest to your space. 

Let’s explore how to lift a dull room into a modern room with art.

The first step is to get the right pieces of art. You want to choose pieces that are similar in colour and size so they look cohesive when put together. When choosing the artwork, try to find pieces that have a similar theme or message. 

For example, if your wall is blue, you might want to find artwork with blue tones or if you want your room to be more relaxing, then you might want artwork that has more calming colours like purple or green.

The second step is placing your art on the wall. Most think this is just a matter of banging in a nail, but no, that’s not the case. The hanging of your piece of art requires thoughtfulness and consideration. Some pictures need to hang away from the wall, whereas other artwork can hang snugly against the wall. 

Here are some tips on how to incorporate art into your home:

  • Consider your focal point and work from there. For example, if you have a painting as a feature of your room, use colours from it to style other parts of your space.
  • Many people mistake the need for large art for an indication of taste. On the contrary, the size of your art should be proportional to the size of your wall space or frame. If you have small wall space, placing a large painting on it will make it look empty and overwhelming; if you have large wall space, then you can use a smaller piece in order to fill up your living area.
  • Next, think about what you want your room to feel like. Do you want it to be calm, or brighten up a dark corner? This will help you decide on the art that you purchase for your walls.

There are many different styles of art that you can choose from. For example, abstract art is a great option because it will look good in any room and is fairly inexpensive. You can also find art that depicts landscapes or scenes from nature, have a look at the Porter Painting website, his inspirational paintings come in different sizes, to suit all the rooms in your work or home space.

Decorating with art is a cost-effective way to add colour and depth to a space, if you have a room that has a lot of natural light coming in through the windows, it can be difficult to find art. This is because an artwork will reflect the light, making it difficult to see in the space, and the artwork becomes washed out. 

Some artists use traditional techniques such as charcoal or pencils to create their artwork. The result is artworks that are unlike anything we’ve seen before, and artists’ styles can be as diverse as their materials. 

When you are looking for art to add to your walls, you want to choose pieces that have meaning to you and that will fit in with the rest of your decor. You can find art at galleries or online. 

Art can be magical, and add that luxurious feel to your home or workspace, it can also prove to be a great conversational piece, breaking the ice in many dinner parties, or meetings.

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