How To Make An Impact With Artwork For Your Home

Over the past year many individuals have been spending much more time in their homes. Turning dining rooms into home office spaces and creating sanctuaries out of their living rooms. Home improvements and interior design have risen by a large scale, as people have had more time on their hands to get their creative juices flowing. As a result of this many have a newfound appreciation for art within their homes. 

It is no secret that a piece of art is a great enhancement to the aesthetic of any room. With so much available on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming to initiate the process of purchasing art for your home. With that said, here are a few tips on how to make an impact with artwork for your home.  

Choose What You Are Drawn To

Art is very much a personal choice, from decorating style to colour scheme, you have to love the piece of artwork that you choose. It should be a piece that you will enjoy having on your wall space each and every day. After all you are selecting wall art for you, so trust your instincts when it comes to deciding on a work of art.

Do Your Research

Getting out and admiring local gallery walls is preferable but with the world how it is today many individuals have taken to the online space to research art. From Social Media platforms to websites, Artists have well and truly transitioned their creations to the digital space. Dedicating some time to do your research can have a beneficial payoff long term. 

Size Does Matter!

The scale of your chosen art can make or break the space within your home. When you purchase and hang art in your living areas you should always consider the size. For example you wouldn’t want to place a small, beautiful piece on a large blank space within your home just like you wouldn’t place a large scale piece that overtakes a room. Measuring your room and taking photos of your space can give you a better idea of what size pieces would look the best within your home. 

The Perfect Lighting 

Lighting can greatly emphasise the art pieces that you choose for your home. A dimly lit artwork lowers the impact of the piece whilst appearing dull and muted. On the other hand the perfect lighting will make your piece stand out and enhance the overall mood of your room. The perfectly lit piece improves the aesthetic of the whole home. 

Over the course of the last year interior design has soared and so has purchasing art pieces online. Ordering art online has become a popular option due to the expert advice readily available and convenience. From choosing the perfect piece for you to figuring out the optimum size and implementing the optimum lighting. There are many ways to make an impact with artwork for your home. 

Haydn Porter at Porter Paintings is highly experienced in the area of art, having studied at Melbourne School of Art. He creates versatile pieces that are great for the office, home or both. You can view Porter’s range of art here or can contact the friendly team directly if you would like any assistance with deciding on your perfect piece. 

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