Looking Through The Eyes of Unique Artist Haydn Englander-Porter

Seeing is believing! That’s the best way to describe the unique artwork of Haydn Englander-Porter, a Sunshine Coast, Queensland artist who has been creating beautiful works of art since he was a young man. 

His paintings are stunning and can be viewed on his website Porter Paintings. They are colourful and vibrant, and they bring life to any room or office. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, Haydn has a painting that will fit your style. 

Unique is a word often used to describe a Porter Paintings style but Haydn prefers to call it “expressive realism”. He explains that it’s based on finding ways to express things through painting that can’t be expressed with words, noting that it isn’t just about what something looks like but rather how it feels.

To achieve this effect, Haydn has developed a technique that involves applying different layers of paint using various methods such as stippling, which gives the end result an almost three-dimensional quality. 

He also likes to use bold colours which can really add some vibrancy to any space.

Haydn Englander-Porter finds inspiration from almost anywhere but says he finds much more meaning when he paints from his own personal experience or memories. For example, one piece entitled “Skyscrapers” was inspired by an experience he had walking down a “New York” street.

He found the idea of capturing this moment in time incredibly inspiring so he set out to do just that. The final result is breathtakingly beautiful and truly captures the essence of that moment.

When asked why someone should consider purchasing one of his paintings for their home or office, Haydn replied humbly by saying “I think my paintings have something special; they are meaningful and help people connect with their emotions. I believe everyone should have access to art that speaks directly from their heart and soul – not just art for decoration purposes – but art which helps them live life more fully.” 

It’s clear that Haydn puts love into every piece he creates and it’s something any collector will appreciate for years to come.

For as long as Haydn can remember, nature has been a source of inspiration for art. Whether it’s the vibrant colours of a sunset or the gentle sway of branches in the wind, nature is full of beauty and potential. 

Porter’s work is highly sought after because it encapsulates such an authentic representation of nature without losing any of its beauty. Each painting he creates is completely unique and brings its own story to life in vivid detail.

Whether you choose one large piece or several smaller ones to create a gallery wall, these pieces are sure to add charm and character to any space they occupy. 

Haydn uses a unique technique to create his artwork. He uses layers upon layers of paint applied by brush and palette knife to create texture and depth that captures each tree’s individuality. 

These works are not just ordinary paintings; they are masterpieces meant to be admired and enjoyed for years to come. 

For those looking for something even more special, Porter Paintings also offers custom pieces made just for you. So if there is a particular species or part of nature that speaks to you, let them know and they will create an unforgettable piece that celebrates it! 

The Trees Collection from Porter Paintings is one-of-a-kind art that allows you to bring the outside in and admire nature’s beauty within your own home or office space. With their unique style and technique, these pieces are sure to make any room stand out with their vibrant colours and thoughtful details. 

If you’ve been searching for something special that expresses your love for nature while still having modern appeal, then look no further than this incredible collection. Bring home some art today and let the outside come alive on your walls!

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