Porter Paintings Top 5 Best Paintings for Sale

Haydn Porter is an internationally acclaimed artist, whose work features beautiful homes and hangs on the walls of corporate offices. His artwork ranges from abstract paintings to minimalist drawings and watercolours and often explores light, space and time. To view his work in all its glory visit his online gallery Porter Paintings.

The Porter Paintings collection is a curated selection of some of the most expressive paintings that exist. Here are the top five and why:

Blue Trees Yellow (Limited Edition)

This magnificent painting will bring any room to life, with its use of colours and brush strokes. When you look at this artwork, you can picture yourself walking amongst the trees. The painter has created an image of a forest by using different shades of colour. The trees are painted in blue & gold colours and they are the most beautiful thing to look at. 

Blue Trees Yellow is a wonderful way to express emotions that cannot be put into words. They allow us to capture our feelings and share them with everyone. The feeling of tranquillity that comes when you are in nature.

Indian Headdress

This expressive work of art is full of colour. The colours are vivid and seem to be constantly moving. There are many shapes that are drawn in the painting that are spiralling outwards, but never coming close to touching each other, with an air of prosperity and creativity. It looks into the present now and encourages people to look forward to what is coming next.

City Life (Life Ball Series)

This artwork is done using oil paint on canvas. He began this work by studying the horizon line, the light, the shape of the hills, and my imagination. From that point, I created a contemporary scene of city life. A wonderful piece of wall art.

Look closely at the details in this piece, you can imagine yourself looking out of the window of one of the buildings.

From Grey to Gold

This painting is most commonly referred to as “From Grey to Gold” and is the only one of its kind in the world. The golden ratio can be found in this painting, which makes it a very special modern art piece.

This piece of art is a reflection of the artist’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is a perfect representation of the joy in transforming something dark into something bright and beautiful.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept that is found in the structure of many of the most beautiful paintings in history. This makes it special because it was created using techniques that are considered to be some of the highest standards in art.

The Eagle

The print is a perfect gift for anyone who is feeling motivated, bored with their surroundings or simply needs a little bit of encouragement. The motivational image will inspire creativity and the colour scheme will brighten up any space. 

A very powerful piece of art, to me it represents freedom and peace. We would love to hear your thoughts on what this piece means to you?

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