Porter’s paintings

Haydn Porter is an artist that contrasts between the natural and the man-made. His paintings focus on an exploration of colour and shapes, with the intention to create an “unexpected experience” for viewers.

The meaning of art is the beauty of life. Collections are a way to share your life with the world. It can be a moment, a place, or a feeling. Each person has their own story and that story is different and beautiful in its own unique way.

The Blue Trees collection focuses on things that are meaningful for you and your audience, while also sparking creativity and bringing joy into your life. Collections offer a shorter and faster way of browsing your product options, which is something that most people appreciate in today’s busy world. 

Art has been a source of creativity and inspiration throughout history. It appeals to everyone regardless of their culture or religion. The best part about art is that it doesn’t have to be traditional for it to be beautiful and evoke the same emotions.

The word “art” is derived from the Latin word artem which means “skill”. It could be greatly defined as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination.”

Great artists are masters of their craft. They can bring joy and sorrow, laughter and tears to their audience through their work – art is about life. One of the most recognised artists in the world is Leonardo da Vinci. He was a painter, sculptor, architect, scientist and mathematician.

Leonardo was one of the many Renaissance artists who were able to be so multi-talented because they lived before the Industrial Revolution. With all the factories in operation during that time period, it was pretty much impossible for an artist to do everything themselves, so they would work alongside others in their field such as bricklayers or carpenters. Today’s artists are not as fortunate, as if they want to paint a painting they have to do everything themselves from start to finish, which can take them hours at a time to paint great works.

Visual art is a form of art that can be seen. Visual arts include paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculptures. There are many reasons why people create visual art. They might want to tell a story or express something that they feel strongly about. It could be that they enjoy making art in order to make themselves feel better, or they simply like the feeling of creating something new. 

The Blue trees collection is a gallery of paintings inspired by Haydn Porter’s love for nature. The beauty of the natural environment has always been a source of inspiration for the artist.

The blue trees painting collection is painstakingly created by hand, using his very own specialised technique – acrylic on canvas.

The feeling of calm is a sight for sore eyes, but one that can also be quite commanding. The artist behind the Blue Trees painting collection is using his very own specialised technique. Acrylic on canvas brings to life whatever vision you see.

This artwork is available in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that will fit perfectly with your home decor or interior design theme.

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