Reasons We Are Captivated By The Art Of Australian Landscapes

It is no secret that Australians are proud of their country. From the Australian made symbol on products to the monumental architecture of the Sydney Opera House, to our world class landscapes and incredible coastal cities. Implementing breathtaking landscapes as the subject matter within art pieces comes as no surprise. Here are some of the reasons we are captivated by the art of Australian landscapes created by talented Australian artists.

Cultural Value

Landforms and landscapes are highly regarded within Australian culture and are commonly expressed through creative means. These include Australian art pieces, poetry, literature, music and even films. Australian landforms have completely shaped culture and identity. Expressing the importance of the land, landscapes and landforms within art is a vital component of Porter’s ‘Uluru Statement From The Heart’. 

Aesthetic Value

The Australian landscape is completely unique, which is represented in art pieces that depict its beauty. Individuals can be drawn to specific landforms because of its magnificence and then form personal connections to the landscape. The aesthetic value is recognised in the creation of national parks across Australia. Celebrated not only by the community but visitors far and wide, much like with many internationally recognised art pieces. 

Economic Value

People travel from afar to experience the landscapes that Australia has to offer. Contributing significantly to the economic value of Australian landscapes and landforms. These natural forms of art attract many visitors each and every year. Therefore it is no surprise that many artists are inspired by these areas and include them within their art pieces. 

Spiritual Value 

Australian landforms hold endless stories, heritage and history, which infatuate many individuals. There are many sacred sites across Australia that hold spiritual importance, with Uluru being one of the most famous. The land lives on much like pieces of art, which is why many choose to represent it within their work. 

Many individuals are completely captivated by Australian landscapes, which is why they are commonly represented, in pieces of art, by Australian artists. Being an Australian artist himself, Porter has a strong connection with the Australian landscape and was inspired to incorporate it within his own pieces. 

If you are fascinated by the natural wonders Australia has to offer, why not include them within your home. Whether you want to be reminded of the serene landforms you have previously visited or you have a longing to get there one day. There is a place on your wall for incredible Australian art that depicts breathtaking and unique landscapes. Browse through the pieces Porter has created to find the perfect art work to enhance your space. 

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