What is The Goldfish Artworks

“Art is about life, you live it, you breathe it, it’s everywhere.”

Inspired by the painting “Birth of DNA” by Robert Ballah, this expressive painting drawn in ink then adding oil colours over the top, actually gives you this 3D effect.

When we look at this painting, we will once again all see different things, for me, I’m looking into a fish tank. You can actually see how the fish are playing with the blue ball, with an onlooker just waiting to take the ball away.

This painting “The Goldfish” is a completely original work of art, Haydn’s love of all things nature comes into play again in this painting, the detail is exquisite, down to the flawing in the brickwork.

When we ask the question “What is the Goldfish Artwork” it really can’t be answered, not even by the artist. This painting to me is like gazing into goldfish bowls, and symbolises this tranquil state of mind. 

Just like being able to spend hours gazing into goldfish bowls, you can do exactly the same thing with this work of art, for me, it’s an evocation of a paradise.

Goldfish are a sign of wealth and prosperity, as well as a sign of good luck. In Japan, it is believed that having a goldfish brings the owner good luck. In other cultures, it is believed that the fish can bring people fortune, happiness, and success.

Goldfish are a type of fish that has been bred over the course of centuries to have bright colors and a wide variety of shapes. The goldfish is the only species that is capable of living in both fresh and saltwater.

It is said that goldfish bring good luck to the home when they are painted and hung on walls. This practice became popular in Japan because many Japanese people believe that goldfish’s life span matches their own: one year, just like there are 12 months per year.

Haydn Porter is an accomplished painter.  His work has been showcased in galleries all over the world. The style of his art ranges from abstract to realistic, giving him a diverse range of skills. 

A goldfish painting can be created in a variety of styles, and it also has different meanings to the artist. Some artists paint the goldfish in a way that is reminiscent of traditional Chinese ink paintings. Others paint them in their own abstract style, and some use bright neon colors to paint them in a pop-art way.

However, just like many of Haydn’s paintings as seen on his website Porter Paintings, his creative flair for bringing his art to life is apparent in this inspiring colourful piece.

This is just one in the Ball series, all uniquely different from each other, expressing such a vast difference in expression. 

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