Sunshine Coast Artist on How to Utilise Art as a form of Self Expression

Art has been a form of self-expression for centuries. It is a way to escape the reality of the world, to travel to a different dimension or to channel your emotions or life experiences into. Haydn Porter from Porter Paintings is a talented artist who uses art as a means of expressing himself. He paints with the intention of creating a piece of artwork that people will feel emotionally connected to.

City Life Porter Painting Life Ball Series

His work features scenes that are hyper-realistic and visually captivating, and has been featured in various art galleries around the world, above is one of his acrylic paintings.

Haydn Porter’s artistic expression gives people an insight into how he sees the world, with a keen focus on detail, movement, and colour. He creates these scenes with his imagination and from “the horizon line.” 

Everything looks so serene and beautiful when we see a painting. The colours, the brushstrokes, the scenery,  it all brings us to a place of peace, calm and enlightenment. It is almost as if we can feel what the artist was feeling when they created this work of art that has now been immortalised in time. Wall art can bring a room to life.

These paintings are meant to make people feel really happy and content with their lives. The paintings are not just about feelings, but also about painting itself. 

The idea of these paintings came when the artist was visiting New York and was looking at all the skyscrapers, people rushing around, and he was feeling so overwhelmed with all these things going on around him. He wanted to create something that would make people feel more calm than they currently do in this fast-paced environment and that’s when he created these paintings..

Different pieces of art will provoke different thoughts and feelings. Whether you want to relieve tension or increase creativity, Porter Paintings has a unique work of art for you. 

The “City Life” is just one of the beautiful paintings in this collection, and colour is a universal language. It speaks to us on a deep, human level. It can change a mood or a room or the way we experience the world. Porter Paintings collections are designed to bring colour and inspiration to life, adding another dimension of story and sensory delight to our lives. 

To see more of Haydn’s paintings and prints for sale, visit Porter Paintings website

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