The Benefits Of Collaboration Within The Art Community

Last year, we saw major developments in how artists collaborated within the art community. Australian artists involved in community based collaborative art initiatives fostered the online space as their new ‘meeting place’. Online art galleries were opened to display and sell Australian art, whilst we were in midst of a worldwide pandemic. 

The art industry was impacted heavily by the chaos the pandemic created last year, this then led to quick problem solving. Emerging Australian artists as well as industry experts joined forces to carry on the legacy that is the art community. The online space opened up as a marketplace for a wide variety of art, including abstract art and fine art to name a few.

These were initiatives that were created through needs last year which have now well and truly stuck around for a multitude of reasons. It has made collaborative work more accessible to artists and consumers around the world. Here are the benefits of collaboration within the art community. 

The Beauty Of Collaboration

A community is defined by people who are connected by social bonds. The art community had been undeniably bonded by the events of the past year. Visual art has been used as a way for artists to express themselves and convey emotions throughout history. Art practice has a long heritage and has influenced a sense of community and collaboration. Therefore, there was no better way to feel a sense of community than through online collaboration. 

Australian Painters took to the online space to share their pieces of art and many consumers jumped on board with the trend. The online transition shows no signs of slowing down for the art industry. With many consumers opting to research, admire and select artwork for their space through online means. 

Social Media

Social media has played a large role in bringing the art community together. With Facebook Groups dedicated to Australian art, including Australian paintings and giving members the opportunity to buy art pieces that they love. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been utilised, so that art work from Australian Artists is widely available online. 

Social Media is a great way to collaborate and connect with other artists as well as other members of the art community. These channels make it easier for Artists to be discovered and for their art to be appreciated by members of the wider Australian community and even on a worldwide scale. Local Australian art is becoming increasingly popular amongst Australian consumers that want to support the art industry and community. 

Online Art Market

Many initiatives have been introduced within the past year. One initiative that has really taken off is collaboration within the online art marketplace. Art Market’s philosophy is about bringing together the art community and spreading positivity. Porter’s art work is currently featured on the site in support of collaboration within the art industry. 

There are many benefits of Artists collaborating with each other in the art industry. From understanding the beauty of collaboration to utilising the power of Social Media and becoming an integral part of the online art market. The benefits of collaborating and supporting the Australian art community are endless.
Porter is an incredibly talented artist who understands the importance of collaborating with fellow artists. With a real passion for art that is reflected in each and every piece that he creates. To discover more from Porter, you can find his incredible selection of pieces in the Porter Paintings Online Store.

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