The Blue Trees Painting Canvas Collection

The Blue Trees Canvas Collection is a series of limited edition canvases; The Blue Trees Painting collection is meticulously created by hand, using a very specialised technique of acrylic on canvas.

For decades, the artist has been using his very own specialised technique to create his paintings. Using acrylic paint on canvas, he painstakingly creates each work of art, often taking months to complete a single painting. His incredible pieces are now available for purchase through his website.

What Makes the Blue Trees Unique From All Other Paintings?

The Blue Trees were painted in a way in which they are abstract and surreal at the same time. One can feel an element of mystery when looking at them. The colours used in this painting, such as yellow, blues, and gold all collide with one another to create a very different harmony. It feels like you’re entering a deep forest, where all the colours seem to be alive and nothing is what it seems to be. This is what you may see when looking at the Blue Trees Yellow Gold (Limited Edition).

It is true that every person sees something different in fine art. This is because the meaning behind a painting is seen by the individual and not just observed. 

For example, when someone looks at the Mona Lisa they will see her with different facial expressions and emotions depending on what they themselves are feeling.

Blue Trees Red

This piece is a continuation of the Trees collection. You may imagine it was inspired by the passion and fury that red can represent. It also reflects on how red can be interpreted differently depending on one’s perspective. 

This piece stands strong. It stands proud for what it wants to say, without the need for a “follow-up” or “comment.”

Blue Trees Blue

This beautiful piece of art tells a story. It’s a blue on blue piece of wall art, with just one blue tree that stands out in the middle, giving off a sense of foreboding. One could almost imagine the forest it shows. The trees in this painting seem to inspire something deep and emotional. They represent peace and tranquillity.

Blue Trees Yellow

Blue Trees Yellow, stand large and proud, the feeling you get when looking at this huge canvas, is one of awe, for someone looking at this piece you may think that the blue trees are standing in a wealth of light, shining proudly for all to gaze upon.

This large-scale painting is one of  Porter Paintings many pieces that have been commissioned to create a sense of awe and wonder. The texture, colour, and composition heighten the viewer’s awareness. It is as if you are standing next to the tree itself, looking up into its branches.To see more collections by Porter Paintings, be sure to check them out here.

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