The Evolution Of Corporate Art

We have recently experienced vast changes in both the arts and also society as a whole. Last year there was a significant leap and development in the online space. In the art world we experienced an acceleration into the online space. Artists had to evolve their practices or face the consequences. Here is the recent evolution of corporate art.

Social Distancing Led To Use Becoming Closer Virtually

Over the past year galleries as well as artists have had to find new ways to engage their audiences. Admiring art over a glass of wine or two seems like a distant memory at times. There is a clear focus on the virtual world and the opportunities it opens up in regards to art. Artists are sharing more of themselves online, their stories and art pieces. Giving the corporate world a complete insight into the art pieces they are purchasing for their office environments. 

The personalised experience for buyers is something that we hope to see into the future. The process and origin stories can be just as appealing as the artworks themselves, especially if it is being displayed in the working environment. Becoming closer virtually opens up the conversation between artists and companies that partake in corporate art collecting.

Getting Acquainted On Social Media

Finding corporate collections for your office building has never been easier with the Social Media platforms. Social Media has been bringing communities together for a number of years. Therefore when the gallery doors closed it was only natural that artists would transition to the online space. Sharing their contemporary art on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Starting the conversation by sharing photos and videos that gave an insight into their creative world. Porter shares his wealth of artistic knowledge, as well as his original art pieces on his Social Media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media provided the opportunity for businesses to become acquainted with highly skilled artists from around the world, that they may not have otherwise discovered. They way that corporate art is discovered and selected has completely evolved in recent times and it is here to stay. 

Online Sales On The Rise

Innovations in technology have led to a rise in online sales, which increased even more with the events occurring over the past year. As time goes by people are feeling more and more comfortable with purchasing items online. Websites have become the new showrooms for artwork. 

There has been a direct need for artists to evolve the way in which they sell their pieces. They have taken to the online space, in response to galleries and auction houses closing their doors. We have seen more transparency in the art market, with many artists opting to display their prices alongside their pieces of art. This has made purchasing art for corporations a much easier process. 

Will These Trends Continue?

The online space has proven to have its benefits when it comes to selecting corporate art for your office building. After all the art world is social, which is exactly what Social Media platforms have to offer corporate collectors. As a society we feel comfortable to purchase art online and once the world opens back up again, we’ll see the continuation of the art market in the online space. 
Art has been a gift during the challenging times of the past year and provides the power of inspiration within a corporate environment. Highly skilled Australian artists such as Haydn Porter continue to create original pieces suited to every office space. Specifically designed with enthusiasts, in mind, who understand the benefits art provides. If you would like to take the opportunity to browse Porter’s original pieces, you can view his collection here.

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