The Inspiration Behind The Tree Collection

The Tree Collection is inspired by the beauty of nature and the idea of bringing nature back into our homes. It is a collection that celebrates the natural cycle of life and death. 

Trees are a common symbol in mythology, legends and novels. Trees are considered representative of life, wisdom and prosperity. 

In ancient times, it was said that the soul could not find peace until it had been reunited with the body of its tree. “Tree of Life” is used as a metaphor for life. The tree of life is a very common subject in mythological texts and images dating back to antiquity. It is generally depicted with a trunk that branches out into two or three main branches, each supporting several smaller ones. 

The tree gives shade and shelter, harvests its fruit (and sometimes its nuts), and invites birds and animals to nest in the branches. In most mythologies, the tree is associated with watery places or sources of life-giving waters like springs, wells, rivers, lakes, or seas.

5 Trees with Special Meaning


Oak trees might not just be the most beautiful and strongest trees. There is also a special meaning for them to those who adore them. 

Oak trees symbolise courage and power, even being called the most powerful tree! They’re popular because they’re strong, resilient, and have a gorgeous growth pattern with ample space under the canopy.

Oak trees can often last for hundreds of years, which is why it’s true that they symbolise wisdom, and strength of character. 

In ancient European cultures, these trees have always been a place of refuge, often used by our ancestors to speak with the Gods. Their spiritual meaning is where the term “Holy Oak” comes from. The trees are like spiritual guardians, providing comfort & solace. They’re often used at places of worship because of their association with these concepts.

These may also represent health, luck, and survival. Oaks are healing yes, but for more than just the body. They’re also believed to provide emotional and spiritual healing for people as well. For example, Native Americans would use oak to treat frostbite because they considered it a source of healing in addition to the physical benefits.


When cherry trees bloom, it symbolises good fortune and luck. The blossoms are often the representation of love, adoration, and romance. It’s a great time for couples in Japan to go on a date. It’s a sad reality that life is short and that we should enjoy it every second we can. 

Cherry blossom trees are historically part of Japanese culture and a time-honoured Hanami cherry blossom festival is celebrated every year. Some also believe that Japanese architecture is also connected to the tree.


You’ll find birch trees to be stunning all year round. They’re known for symbolising hope & new beginnings, and you can still enjoy their sight even when their leaves have fallen off.

These trees are so special because they start growing leaves earlier than other trees. In Chinese tradition, these trees are thought to symbolise protection and rejuvenation. Others think they represent protection, purification, and love.


Trees play a special role in many cultures and manifest themselves in many ways. These include inspiration, balance, easy-to-break life spans, intelligence, generosity and much more.

One of the many reasons for these meanings is that maple trees can adapt to many soil types and climates. This gives it a richer history among Native Americans, in particular, during the Great Depression when it was used as a sugar substitute. The syrup created from these trees back then was also an important food source and came to represent sugar during World War II.


The dogwood tree is one of the most popular landscaping trees in the country. It typically signifies safety or fertility. When planted at entrances, this tree can empower you with protection and determination.

Native Americans thought that dogwood trees were a symbol of good luck because even though their flowers may seem small and delicate, they’re actually hardy enough to withstand harsh conditions. This is why these trees are often used as symbols of durability

When you take the time to admire trees all around us, I think many will understand my love for them. To be able to walk out of the house and see them all around us each day is wonderful. 

If you just take a moment to truly appreciate this magnificent living giant, then you’ll see what I mean. 

As I wandered the forest, I saw so many trees. Some of them are so tall that they seem like they’re reaching the sky. And some of them are small and only reach up to my chest, but they’re all majestic in their own way. I love how different each tree is from the other as well. 

There’s no such thing as a tree that is the same.

I try to capture the forest in the trees in my paintings, to enable everyone to share the beauty I see. My goal is not to depict a single tree but rather a whole forest. There is so much wonder and beauty in nature that it’s hard for me to limit myself when I paint.

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