The Story Behind the Ball Series

This original artwork tells a story. Every person that looks at this piece of art comes away with a different storyline.

“Little Angels” is a unique work of art; it is part of the “Ball Series” This piece uses oil paints and high-quality giclee ink and is a stretched canvas, framed and ready to hang.

Haydn Porter is an artist who paints in various styles but is most notable for his beautiful Trees collections. 

From past blogs on Haydn Porter and his extraordinary paintings, you will see that everything he paints has a lot of meaning and experiences behind it. 

This particular painting shows the maternal side of the artist, with a mother bear looking on at her cub. A bear has many layers of meaning: it is protective and nurturing, which are qualities that we want to see in our mothers and fathers. 

The pink blossom tree in the painting adds to the richness of the colours in this painting. The contrast between its light, rosy hue and the forest’s dark shadows in the background is striking. 

As Haydn says, “Coloring is like meditation,” “It’s like stepping into another dimension.” Every original art piece Haydn paints can be seen in art galleries worldwide, in office buildings and in homes.

This painting is beautiful. It has a sense of life to it that can’t be matched by other pieces. The viewer feels as if they have been taken to a new place when they stare at this painting, and it brings with it a sense of peace.

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