Tips For Styling Your Home With Art

Home decoration is part and parcel of making a house your home. From living rooms to the dining room and everywhere in between. Interior design should be well and truly your own. When it comes to styling your space it is important to choose art pieces that you love. Here are some handy tips for styling your home with pieces of art.

Declutter Your Space

As obvious as this may seem, sometimes it can be one of the hardest things to do. From being time poor to having family members that flat out refuse to throw out years and years of stuff cluttering up the place. Whatever those items may be if it’s time to get serious about styling your home it’s time for a good declutter. Time to donate, give away or sell any items that are stopping you from styling and showcasing the artwork in your space.

Keep It Clean

Decluttering your space is great but for the optimum aesthetic keeping it clean is great for many different reasons. From discovering hidden gems that you’d forgotten all about to allowing your own creative juices to flow. A clean, beautiful space complete with hand selected art work will be a space that you are proud to show off. A place that you would be proud to host social gatherings.

A home with order and large pieces that make a statement or smaller pieces that excite will decrease stress and distraction, whilst improving your overall health. Maintaining a clean home allows you to discover your style and create the optimum living space for you.

Figure Out Your Personal Style

When discovering your personal style it can be a good idea to select one style and stick to it throughout your space. There are plenty of styles to discover including Hamptons, Luxe, Modern contemporary, Scandi and Coastal to name a few. There really are a plethora of styles to choose from to create within your home. 

Be Inspired

Once you’ve established your preferred style it’s time to look for inspiration. We are very lucky in the digital age that we can look to our mobile devices for a world of inspiration for styling and discovering art pieces. It wasn’t long ago that we had to make the trek in our community or afar to get that much needed inspiration. Now that same gallery wall and hanging art is handily available at the click of a button online. Which can all be selected from the comfort of your own dining table.

Focus On The Art

After the furniture, art is another big ticket item for your home, therefore it needs to be the perfect fit for you. Art is a focal point of your home and introducing it into your home can help to achieve your desired look. Art should also compliment your furnishings, so whether you have a special coffee table or statement sideboard you should choose art to suit. 

Complimentary Colours

Colours don’t have to be matchy, matchy these days. It is important to recognise that pairing colours can do wonders in complimenting your look. Selecting artwork that has a complimentary colour palette is the optimum route to take when styling your home. Art pieces also give you the opportunity to select other decorative features within your home to create the perfect look. No matter what paint colour you choose, your home will be styled beautifully when you opt for a complimentary colour palette. 

There are a multitude of ways that you are able to style your home and the choice is truly yours to make. The way you decorate your house is what makes it your home. There are plenty of tips you may like to follow when styling your own home. From having a good declutter to finding inspiration and focusing on art. If you would like any assistance selecting art for your space, the friendly team at Porter Paintings is always happy to help. Porter is highly regarded in the art industry and has unique pieces to suit every style.

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