Top 10 Acrylic Paintings From Australian Artists 2021

Acrylic paintings are well-loved by beginners and masters alike, due to their versatility. They’re a great starting point for any artist looking to begin their painting journey, and once you’ve mastered them, you can create truly astonishing works of art. 

Staying up to date with emerging artists is a great way to immerse yourself in the art world, by admiring new talent and learning new ways to look at paintings. This list will include both masters of the acrylic medium, as well as emerging artists. 

So whether you’re an art lover, looking to see what Australia’s acrylic painters are coming up with, or you’re an interior designer searching for the perfect addition to your space, this list will have something for you. 

Sharon Monagle – ‘Fem’

Sharon Monagle is an Australian artist best known for her portraits and abstract art. She works predominantly with acrylic paint but has created many mixed media pieces with oils, pastels and ink. 

The Melbourne based artist created this piece whilst in her artist in residence at Chateau d’Orquevaux in France. 

Monagle says she found her inspiration for this piece from her various visits to galleries and museums across Europe, and through her reading of poetry and other literature. 

She incorporates a lot of humanitarian themes into her artworks, such as social justice, feminism, mental illness and human rights. 

Marnie McKnight – ‘Monochrome Twilight’

Marnie McKnight says herself “I started with a handful of acrylic paints and a need to splash some paint around, and have developed my style by experimenting with brushstrokes, challenging myself with new colours and often incorporating minimalist figurative work.”

She aims to create positive feelings and experiences through her paintings, hoping to invigorate the viewer as she playfully explores natural elements in her art. 

Fiona Lowry – ‘Sometimes your a stranger to me’

Fiona Lowry is an Archibald Prize winner known, for her dream-like paintings, inspired by the Australian Landscape. She uses an airbrush and restricted colour palette in order to create her signature style that people have come to admire. 

She’s seen great success with her work, winning multiple awards and having her art featured in art galleries across the country. 

Brendan Kelly – ‘Whale in waiting’

Brendan Kelly says “Through my art, I aim to create a unique and exciting experience that evokes contemplation of life, whilst sharing my own experiences and eccentricities as an Australian.”

This piece acknowledges the traditional Wullamatta region and his hometown. 

He mixes acrylic paint with graphite in order to create a striking and contemplative art piece. 

Cameron Holmes – ‘Capitalism’

Cameron Holmes focuses mostly on the human figure, and real things, in order to explore human fragility. Through the frame of psychology, social and political issues, he uses his art to engage with the human condition. 

He says he doesn’t like to be limited to a certain type of media, but he often incorporates acrylic painting as a form of expressing himself. 

His aim is to create a work that is both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating. 

Otis Carey – ‘Gaagal (Ocean)’ 

Otis Carey is a Bryon Bay-based artist who combines his traditional Indigenous culture, Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung with Australian surf themes.  

He combines elements of the future and the past, in order to create striking and intriguing abstract paintings. 

He uses his art as a platform to start discussions about Aboriginal rights and mental health. 

Tulika Das – ‘Girl I Know #2’

This abstract artist uses colours and soft shapes in order to explore everyday life. Tulika finds inspiration from all kinds of Australian environments, from the landscape, animals and people to the cracks in the sidewalk and murals on walls. 

Tulika predominantly uses acrylic paint on canvas, and as she says “each piece is produced after day-dreaming and planning the layout in my head.”

Ken Done – ‘Before the storm’ 

Ken Done is one of Australia’s most famous artists, and he is known for his bold and colourful style. He often uses a combination of acrylic and oil in his paintings. 

His art saw great success in Australia, and globally when he used it as a graphic design on t-shirts. 

He says that after 4 decades of creating art, he has no plan of slowing down and that his priority will remain painting. 

Marta Blaszak – ‘A Stream of Golden Pebbles’

Marta is a Brisbane based artist, who specialises in realistic acrylic paintings. Her works are often colourful and charming, taking inspiration from Australian aquatic life and landscapes. 

Recently, she has started to explore acrylic pouring. Her piece ‘A Stream of Golden Pebbles’ combines her love for painting about nature, and her new exploration of the acrylic pouring technique. 

The end result is a unique and mesmerising piece of art, that is bright and striking to look at.

Haydn Porter – ‘The Endless Line 2’

Haydn Porter is an experienced artist, known for creating paintings that can start a conversation in any room. 

‘The Endless Line 2’ is a part of his Endless Line series, where the lines keep you wondering and symbolise the twists and turns of everyday life. 

He draws inspiration for his artwork from all around him, whether it’s our sensory experiences or other Australian artists. 
If you’re looking to explore Haydn’s wonderful range of acrylic paintings, check out his shop here.

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