Transform Your Living Area With A Porter Painting

Haydn Englander- Porter is an internationally known artist. His art has been displayed in places like beautiful studios and offices of major corporations worldwide.

Haydn is “the icebreaker.” His mastery of all artistic mediums gives him the ability to create beautiful canvas wall art that makes for great conversation. When you view his pieces, let your imagination run wild!

His work reflects the beauty of the world. The insight gained from just one of his paintings can bring a lifetime of knowledge and inspiration.

According to Haydn, art is more than just using different colours on a canvas. He says that “art is foremost about life, “you live it, you breathe it and it’s everywhere.”

You may not know it, but a Porter Painting can transform your living area. And we’re not just talking about the colour. A Porter Painting is an original piece of art that you can hang on your wall and enjoy every day.

The art of painting has been around for centuries. More recently, modern technology has allowed new types of paintings to be created.

A Porter Painting is a painting created by hand, using traditional techniques and materials, with the intention of capturing the feel of the outside world.

You can use paintings to brighten up even the darkest room and it can make it more visually appealing.

When choosing paintings for your decoration, here are some points that a decorator might note:

  • A random decoration style is not a good idea if you want to show off your beautiful artwork. It will only make the place seem cluttered and have a negative aesthetic effect.
  • An interior art exhibition that presents works of the same style or with the same theme side by side on one wall
  • Paintings are often hung on coloured walls with no patterns in order to keep attention focused on the shapes and colours of the walls.

When selecting frames, size and colour are important considerations. However, the style also matters a lot. For example, you may want to choose a frame that is retro or modern. You can also select one that is elegant or playful depending on your personal preference.

When you browse through the artwork at, most of them are painted on canvas, so there’s no need to think about how they’re going to be mounted on a wall.


The website, Porter Paintings, is a site for paintings. They sell original artwork and prints. All of the paintings are painted on canvas and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

How to Choose The Perfect Painting Size For The Living Room Interior

Visual perception principles suggest:

  • Large paintings make small spaces seem to have a lot of space, so if the paintings are small, little space seems even smaller.
  • The gallery on the wall provides a nice focal point in the living room and is able to handle semantic zoning.
  • If there’s one thing that can instantly add height to a room, it’s a large vertical canvas.
  • When you want to create a sense of space on a site, try arranging your images horizontally across the page.
  • It’s possible to incorporate smaller square paintings into a living room that have no effect on the overall flow.
  • Use a large, single image hanging over your fireplace or sofa to give the impression of less clutter.

Porter employs a unique, playful sensibility in his art. His inspirations are derived from the world around him and the events that happen in it. He has a demonstrated commitment to his craft and is willing to push himself to achieve new heights of creativity. If you’re in the market for large wall art, be sure to check out one of these beautiful pieces by a Sunshine Coast-based artist.

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