Trends in Wall Art Paintings for your office

A piece of art not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of an office space but can also reflect your business.

Another purpose it serves is to be a conversation starter. Your guests might comment on how special it looks, or they might have memories from their childhood related to it.

In order to get the best results possible, you need to choose a good painting based on what you want or need from your office space. The following trends will provide you with some ideas to take into consideration when choosing a piece of artwork for your workplace.

Trends in Stretched Canvas Wall Art Paintings

As the world continues to evolve in the digital age, the traditional canvas has become stretched, which means that a canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame and is ready to hang on your wall. The rise in popularity in stretched canvas wall art paintings can be attributed to three factors: increased demand for high-quality art, the desire for instant gratification, and convenience for artists.

The idea of high-quality art is one that has grown in popularity with society because people are more aware of what they want when it comes to their offices these days. They want something that will last and something that looks nicer than just a poster or print on a wall. Another reason why stretched-canvas art is so popular is because it gives artists an opportunity to create artwork faster than traditional methods. This allows them to meet customer demands more quickly and deliver their product much sooner than other mediums would allow them to do so.

Little Angels below is a beautiful example of a stretched wall canvas in oils.

Simple Geometric Shapes or Patterns

We can observe many occurrences of these shapes in nature, in art, and in architecture. They are an important part of the visual culture that surrounds us.

The following are some examples of simple geometric shapes or patterns:

  • The circle shape has no beginning or end because it’s a continuous loop. We find circles all over the world because they are easy to make and useful for many things, like gathering people together or making a map that could show where to go next.
  • A rectangle is a shape with two long sides and two short sides. It’s also called a box shape because you can see the whole surface area of it by looking at its four corners. 

As seen below in The Endless Line 2

Textural Paintings With Various Combinations of Materials 

Textural paintings are a form of mixed media painting that is not limited to paint and paper. These paintings can incorporate various types of materials to create textures and visual effects.

There are 3 main types of textured paintings:

  • A painting that is made with a combination of paint and other materials
  • A painting that is made with a combination of different media, such as paint, ink, pastel, charcoal or pencil
  • An abstract style in which the artist employs the use of texture to convey form or depth without using colour.

A typical example is War Notes below, showing the natural lines of a Textured painting.

Mixed Colours

The office space is a place in which people spend a significant amount of their time. This means that in order to create a comfortable environment for people, office spaces need to be designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. One way of doing this is by choosing the right artwork, both in size and colour, as artwork can be used to relax the body and mind.

Utilising Warm Colours 

Colour is the easiest way to change the mood in an office, and it can also make your employees feel more energised and alive.

Different colours produce different feelings, so it is important to pick the right colour for your space.

Red is a powerful colour that stimulates not just our physical senses but also our emotions. Reds are known for making people feel threatened or angry. This colour can be used in an office setting if you want to create a sense of power or dominance.

Light blue is calming and soothing which makes it perfect for spaces where you may need to focus on creativity or intellectual pursuits.

Yellow creates a feeling of happiness which will make employees feel better about themselves and their work while boosting productivity levels too.

Oversized Art

Oversized art is a term that refers to the type of larger-than-life wall decor that is often found in office reception spaces, or large hallways. These pieces are typically created to be noticed and have an imposing visual impact on the viewer. These can be viewed in many businesses Australia-wide and can be the perfect wall art for a business.

Multicoloured Scenes 

Multicoloured scenes are visually inspirational and can provoke feelings of curiosity or familiarity. They can be used in different ways to create immersion.

We can use them in order to evoke different emotions by adjusting the colours used. For example, the green-blue contrast is known for its calming effect on viewers. It is also said that blue skies are refreshing for the mind and soul, which is why they are often used in movie credits sequences or as a backdrop for corporate buildings.

The red-green contrast has been shown to make people feel more creative and innovative; it can also make them feel energized and confident. This contrast has also been shown to make people more inclined towards buying goods because it stimulates their minds.

The Ikea Effect 

For a long time, the office was a place filled with dull, beige cubicle walls and metal chairs. Nowadays, it is a much more modern scene filled with art and sculptures for a more creative atmosphere. These aesthetic changes in the office environment are not just for show, they actually have some positive effects on our productivity.

When you walk into an inviting space, you feel less stressed and work better. This is because of what is known as “The Ikea effect” which states that people will project their feelings about an item onto you when they see that item in your home or office setting. 

A typical example of the beauty of a Black & White Acrylic on canvas is the below Skyscraper.

Pop Art Wall Painting 

Pop art is a form of art that emerged in the mid-1950s, characterised by its use of images from popular culture. The first major pop artist was Andy Warhol who used images from commercial advertisements.

The term “pop” in “pop art” is used as a way to differentiate it from fine art that was popular at the time and usually depicts scenes from history or mythology. Pop art often depicted everyday objects like Coca-Cola bottles, soup cans, and cartoons. These pieces were not meant to be beautiful but rather an imitation of commercialism and consumerism with an emphasis on humour and satire. A lot of large businesses in the media field use this type of wall decor, in the form of wall art prints. Like this piece below by Alice Donavan Rouse.

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