Unique Art At Porter Paintings

Porter Paintings continues to captivate viewers with their dream-like qualities. They often depict scenes from nature, such as trees from the forest, or landscapes with mountains and rivers. The artist has been painting since the 1970s and has been featured in a number of art galleries around the world, creating paintings for some of the most prestigious homes and offices around the world.

He creates art that is often based on his own dreams and memories. It can be anything from a painting of an old tree in the countryside to a piece of abstract art.

Haydn’s work includes a variety of styles and designs which are unlike anything else. The way he captures nature leaves you feeling as though you are out there witnessing it happen first-hand. His use of vivid, mesmerising colours make for some spectacular viewing.

Below is another spectacular piece of wall art “Blue Trees Blue” one in the Trees collection.

In this painting, Haydn captures the stark bare tree, aligned with other trees. It is a representation of winter and life coming to an end. The lighting draws your eye from left to right.

You can see the representation of snow accumulating on the ground and it’s almost as if you’re watching time flow by as the sun sets in this beautiful painting.

This piece is so unique if you look closely you will see how the trunk of the tree stands out. If you take a step back, it looks like an abstract painting. The colours are vibrant and eye-catching, making it a great focal point in any room. 

Haydn Porter has been an artist since the age of 16. His most popular and widely accepted style of art is his wall art, with most pieces taking an average of 4-6 weeks to complete. He stands out from the rest, as he does not use any pre-made images or sketches for his work. He does it all from scratch, relying on inspiration from his personal life experiences.

It’s great to have plenty of artwork and decor ideas to choose from when you’re sorting out and decorating your home or office. The selection at Porter Paintings is diverse enough to give you a sense of having started a unique collection.

If you’re looking for the perfect artwork or decorative items for your home or office, then look no further than Porter Paintings. They have an amazing selection of artwork that suits any home decor style or colour.

To be a great artist, you must be able to imagine what your work of art will mean to the person viewing it, they must feel part of the world you paint, imagine yourself within the painting, and make it a talking piece in any family household.

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