Why Should You Buy Art Online?

Times have changed this year and the majority of this is down to the current pandemic that we are experiencing. The way that we shop has evolved and more art lovers are choosing their statement pieces through the online platform.

With technology we have the luxury to not only browse pieces of art at our fingertips but also see how they will look in our living or office spaces. Online stores have allowed the art market to flourish during uncertain times. 

We have all been doing things a little differently this year and this includes the art industry. Many of us have spent plenty of time at home recently. It is the perfect time to enhance your living areas, office spaces and even recreational areas with some stand out pieces. 

Virtual Art Galleries And Auction Houses

With the current restrictions we have experienced this year artists have changed the way they share their art. Art galleries and exhibitions have been out of the question for most of this year. We have seen plenty of advancements in technology when it comes to art in the online space. 

Australian artists have an innovative nature and have recently made their artwork more attainable for their buyers. Exhibitions haven’t been completely off the cards, which has been great not only for the emerging artists but also for the well established. We’ve seen a higher number of artists take to the online space to share their art with the world.

Plenty Of Choice 

There is a vast amount of artwork available online, which means plenty of choice for all of the art enthusiasts out there. The convenience of being able to select your next statement piece from the comfort of your own living room.

We have an exclusive selection of pieces on the Porter Paintings website. If you would like to commission a custom piece submit an enquiry, through our contact page and we will be happy to assist. There is nothing Porter Paintings enjoys more than creating a unique piece that will be admired for years to come. 


Like with most things at the moment we are all after the most convenient option possible. With the ability to choose the perfect piece at your own convenience purchasing art online appears to be extremely favourable in the current climate.

Imagine choosing your next piece of art from the comfort of your own living room. There is little need to leave the house when the virtual shopping experience can come to you. A world class shopping experience on any device you own. A website that works seamlessly whether you are searching on a mobile, tablet or even a desktop.

All the information you could need is right there at your fingertips when shopping for artwork online. We’ve enhanced the online customer experience to make your purchase easier. From a seamless checkout process to worldwide delivery for the optimum experience.

Exceeding Expectations

With plenty of artists selling their work online we understand the importance of a unique customer experience. If you have any special requests or requirements send an enquiry through to our team that are ready to assist. No matter how weird or wonderful a request is we will strive to cater to all. 

We understand that purchasing that perfect piece of art can be a large decision and we will be there every step of your journey. There is so much excitement in choosing the oil painting that suits you best. Browse our selection on the website today and make the most of your online art purchasing journey.

At Porter Painting we have commissioned and sent pieces of art across the whole of Australia as well as overseas. Porter Paintings are highly skilled in the art of painting, which is represented in the incredible artwork that he creates.

Virtual exhibits along with endless choice, convenience and personalised service should be enough to sway your decision to purchase your next piece online. If you do need some more motivation why not take a look at the current collection that Porter Paintings has to offer.

There are plenty of reasons to buy art online from the abundance of choice to convenience and amazing customer service. For an online shopping experience that is tailored specifically to your personal needs look no further than Porter Paintings.

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